The Swinging Pendulum

I feel like I have been surrounded by all the negative in education lately. Teachers need to do this. Do that. Do this better. This is not working. Education is failing. Although it is important to know what we are not doing right so that we can keep improving, it should never overtake our vision of all the things that are going sooo right. In terms of looking at student success in reaching a standard we can celebrate the 90% that were proficient or above while making plans to get the other 10% there. There has to be a balance in our celebrating and making plans to improve. One can never cloud over the other. (Balance also happens to be the keystone of my personal training business- so it is at the forefront of my mind). Like So many other things in life and education the pendulum always seems to be swinging to one extreme when the focus should be to keep it balanced in the middle.

After watching the TED talk: Hackshcooling Makes me Happy and reading Bud Hunts blog post:Centering on essential Lenses, I was able to mesh together their ideas, along with other resources, to form my own tidbits that can help keep the pendulum of life a little more balanced. Here is what I came up with.

Hackschooling– Having a growth mindset that is focused on being happy, healthy, and creative. It can be achieved through Making, Hacking, and Playing.

  • Growth Mindset– From Logan LaPlante- hackschooling is not a curiculum, it is a mindset. It is growth mindset. Check out this video from one of my favorites- Kid President.  Another powerful part of the growth mindset is the power of yet. Google it! Type in your favorite resources in the comments below.
  • Happy–  “feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc. : showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment. : pleased or glad about a particular situation, event, etc”- Merriam Webster Dictionary. I also read some pretty cool stuff on happiness in a book by Al Carraway-  “Love where you are” “Today, where you are right now, is a joy. Today, right now, is the best place to be.”
  • Healthy– What does health mean to you? This is a question I tried to ask all of my new clients as a personal trainer. To me health is spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. It is you as a whole.
  • Creative– Here is a short clip from Sir Ken Robinson on the topic.
  • Making– Bud Hunts said, “Making things is essential to the craft of teaching and learning.” I think that idea can be expanded to say that making things is essential to happiness, health, and creativity in life.
  • Hacking– Bud Hunts talks about hacking being a way to improve things. This idea truly embodies all that the growth mindset is. It can be applied to the many areas of our lives.
  • Playing–  Play is “the search for freedom within constraints” (Bud Hunt). If you are like me and I know I am (one of Coach Bauer’s,my high school coach, many catch phases), then you had never thought of play outside of games and toys. Bud Hunt explains that we play with information, structures, or situations. It is one of the essential things to having a growth mindset and therefore achieving health and happiness.

So get out there. Make. Hack. Play. Create. Obtain happiness and health through a Growth Mindset.



3 thoughts on “The Swinging Pendulum

  1. I love this blog post! It seems well thought out and articulated beautifully. I think you’re right, balance is really important! Balance seems to be important in all areas of life. One thing that I loved about Logan’s philosophy was his focus on health and happiness. A lot of people have focused on happiness before but I have rarely heard health discussed as a future goal. It definitely hits home for me. Great post! I look forward to hearing your thoughts as the semester progresses.


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